Welcome to my humble corner of the web. I’m an adventurous thirty-something who happens to like making my life public for you to read.

This site will chronicle my travels, interests, and business as well as a platform for my photography and video work. Admittedly its eclectic, but I guess that is because I am too.

Iowa MapBorn and raised in the state of Iowa in the United States, I’m from the land of tall corn and gently rolling plains.

Iowa both is a starting point in the novel On the Road and is mentioned in the final paragraph.

“The sun went all the way down and I was standing in the purple darkness. Now I was scared. There weren’t even any lights in the Iowa countryside; in a minute nobody would be able to see me.”

– Jack Kerouac

iowa_cy.jpgI am a graduate of Iowa State University in Ames, IA with degrees in Computer Science and Art & Design.

Iowa State is the birthplace of the first modern computer in 1937.

Previously, I lived on the southern most of Japan’s 4 main islands, Kyushu

, in Oita Prefecture in a small town called Hiji teaching English in a high school. I have been told my chopstick skills are exceptional.

“The people of Kyushu are reputedly hard drinkers and outstandingly friendly- a visit to a local bar may provide examples of both.”

–Lonely Planet Japan (2005)

Oita, Japan Map

Following my employment in Japan, I wandered solo across China, Mongolia, Pakistan, India, and Nepal for 1 year.

In 2009 after a brief stint in the US, I decided to return to Nepal to start a product-based business. I have ceased to update this blog, but it will remain here for viewing.

Tyler Bell aikido

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