Welcome to my humble corner of the web. I’m an adventurous thirty-something who happens to like making my life public for you to read.

This site will chronicle my travels, interests, and business as well as a platform for my photography and video work. Admittedly its eclectic, but I guess that is because I am too.

Iowa MapBorn and raised in the state of Iowa in the United States, I’m from the land of tall corn and gently rolling plains.

Iowa both is a starting point in the novel On the Road and is mentioned in the final paragraph.

“The sun went all the way down and I was standing in the purple darkness. Now I was scared. There weren’t even any lights in the Iowa countryside; in a minute nobody would be able to see me.”

– Jack Kerouac

iowa_cy.jpgI am a graduate of Iowa State University in Ames, IA with degrees in Computer Science and Art & Design.

Iowa State is the birthplace of the first modern computer in 1937.

Previously, I lived on the southern most of Japan’s 4 main islands, Kyushu, in Oita Prefecture in a small town called Hiji teaching English in a high school. I have been told my chopstick skills are exceptional.

“The people of Kyushu are reputedly hard drinkers and outstandingly friendly- a visit to a local bar may provide examples of both.”

–Lonely Planet Japan (2005)

Oita, Japan Map

Following my employment in Japan, I wandered solo across China, Mongolia, Pakistan, India, and Nepal for 1 year.

After a brief stint in the US I decided to return to Nepal to start a business. Shortly before this I ceased my activity on this blog for about 4 years. A lot has happened since then. As of 2013 I’ve decided to continue this blog.


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I spend a considerable amount of time listening to music and I also collect vinyl records. Some of my favorite musicians are The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Flying Burrito Brothers, Golden Girls theme song, Guster, Jack Johnson, Robert Johnson, Led Zeppelin (especially live bootlegs), Bob Marley, Neutral Milk Hotel, OAR, Oasis, Pink Floyd, RJD2, Sublime, Talking Heads, Velvet Underground, Stevie Wonder, and Neil Young. To the right my most recently listened to tracks.

I am always open to questions and comments and will try to respond to everyone. Leave me a comment!

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