Darjeeling Spark


Darjeeling is amazing set in the foothills of the Himalaya in northern India. The oncoming monsoon season brings with it great rain and, sometimes, lightning storms. I snapped this pic on one such night.


  1. Owen wrote:

    Nice capture on what must have been a night filled with thunder.

  2. Coach Hire wrote:

    I have been to India several times, but never traveled down to Darjeeling, previously I have seen a Shah Rukh Khan movie that has been picturised in Darjeeling, for a college, where he has been sent to for an Army mission, and I found Darjeeling was a place with a lot more to offer than we just see online.

    Here in London UK, the coach company I am working for is opening their office to offer coach hire, minibus hire, limo hire and other travel, tours, and holidays related service and I am more likely going to reside in India for a long-time, but before I travel down, I will study your blog, find out the travel and tours secrets, your findings in Darjeeling and it should help me see couple more places before I die 🙂

    Thank you

  3. Konsuella wrote:

    Amazing pic and a great blog! Keep it up!

    Good luck.


  4. Tyler Bell wrote:

    Duuude… My name is Tyler Bell. Your photo’s are sick. Really professional quality!

  5. Tyler Bell wrote:

    P.S. Judging from your ‘graffitesqe’ opening page, it looks like you may enjoy hip hop. Check out my website soundcloud.com/tbonebeats. Ya know, see what another Tyler Bell is doing…

  6. Woof wrote:

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