A New Year!


The New Year passed quietly and enjoyably this time around in Rishikesh. I have spent the last two year’s holidays in Goa, India and Sihanoukville, Cambodia respectively and this year I add another one in India.

My stay at the Raj Resort has been a stroke of luck for finding a cheap place with decent food and a nice staff. All the guests here are friendly and make a good crowd with several Japanese yoga students. Several others have come for shorter times during my stay, but most are perusing some Ayuverdic, yoga, or related education.

Alcohol is only sold in a special store 17 kilometers from my guesthouse, but we managed to get a bit of spirits for the evening. Around midnight we ventured to Luxman Jhula, one of the two bridges that span the Gangees a ways from the city center. After loitering a bit we started a small fire on one of the beaches and attracted some others before heading in for the night.

For the most part I am finished with what yoga I did here and will pick up a few more random classes before I depart. I did a little painting on some tables my guesthouse has added to their outside along with some large coverings made from and decorated with bamboo. I had to leave before they were finished so I hope they look nice.

Table Painting

Table Painting


I finished the year with a respectable 39 books on my reading list.

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#1 Patrick on 03.09.09 at 8:50 AM

Hey man, Nice blog. Just checking out your Japan part. looks sweet. Peace.

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