Hill Station Shimla

A bit over 2,000 meters in elevation, Shimla sits a bit higher and colder than my recent stops. This city was the summer capital for the British Raj officials because of its dip in temp compared to the sweltering plains of Delhi. The colonial aricheture of this heritage looks amazing on the closely packed hills. The city itself is built on ridges and stretches some 9 km in all.

My stay was short spent walking the Mall, the commercial center of Shimla, and stopping to see the famous Christ Church, second oldest in nothern India. An old Shiva temple also caught my eye.

The tourists here are mostly Indian, come to spend time in the romantic city in the hills. I almost witnessed the first snow of the years; the tempratures dropped but percipitation didn’t.

Pictures have become very hard to upload with slow India connections and unreliable electricity, so pictures will be added later.


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