Trekking in Nepal: Episode 11 – Return

In the last episode, Steve and I return to Kathmandu and reflect on the trip. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series and I had a blast making it. While it is hard to edit your own footage, I intentionally cuts a bit longer as my intended audience was those with a strong interest in Nepal and/or traveling. In the near future I will cut a sleeker version on DVD with faster pacing (if you interested in a copy, e-mail me).

You can also find it on YouTube. For everything Nepal related go to my Index of Nepal Journals, Video, and Photos.

One Comment

  1. Jo Monroy wrote:

    Hi, Tyler!

    I sure do hope you get this email. Anyway, I’m planning on e trip to Nepal by myself this coming November and I must say you did a very wonderful documentary about your trip! It gave me a bird’s eyeview of what awaits me!

    I’d like to ask, what are their toilets like? Have you met any female trekkers, trekking alone?

    I’m going with a trekking agency a friend of mine referred me to, anyway.

    I hope you get to read this. =)

    ~ Jo