On the Road

After two years in Japan I decided it was time to move on. Countless plans have been laid and I will be travelling for an undetermined amount of time, but looking at 6 months. I’ll be heading solo over Asia and the countries on the tentative list are China, Mongolia, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Egypt, and Morocco. Several are likely not to make the final list as I’m heading towards whatever way fate leads me.

From China by ferry, I’ll swoop south into the picturesque mountainous provinces. Skirting Tibet, I’ll have the first big choice.

My plan was to go to Tibet, but issues with my visa and the closure and subsequent tight reopening make that financially unwise. From Xi’an I’ll either head into Mongolia or along the silk road to Pakistan. In Mongolia I’d spend near 2 months and have a job as an assistant on a horse trekking company. Hard to pass up, expect that leaves me with major visa problems. I’ll probably have to send my passport back to the US to get another China visa for the Silk Road, or for a Russian visa and take the Trans-Siberian to Moscow (original plans).

From Pakistan I would swoop into India, possibly returning to Nepal. India is a place where a lot of time could be spent. In any case, I’ll fly to Egypt and then onto Morocco before returning to the US… where I’ve got to find a job!

My plan is to update here a rather stream of consciousness style narrative. There wont be any pictures but an journey’s end I will go back and add them and clean up the posts (bare with the typos).

ja ne


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