Chinese Democracy Leaked

The much touted, 10-years in the making Guns ‘N Roses record Chinese Democracy appears to have 9 songs leaked. The project by front man Axel Rose is infamous for the amount of time taken to create the album, which is not currently scheduled for release. Dr. Pepper even took a swing at some free publicity offering a free can of soda to “everyone in America”* if it is released this year.

Well, I had a listen and the songs generally rock. They more than rock actually, and Axel could make a lot of people eat their words… including Dr. Pepper.

One small thing struck me though. In the title track, he start consists of background noise and people talking. The problem is there a bit that is in Japanese! From about :34 – :37 you can hear a man say what sounds like, “Eto… Sumimasen, honto?” Which in English is, “Ummm… excuse me, really?”

** Clip coming soon… need to update the audio player.

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* Offer void if you are Slash or Buckethead.

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#1 kevin on 06.26.08 at 7:26 PM

i picked up a guns n roses dvd in a coffee shop in beijing in march. the dvd contains chinese democracy among all of their work including music videos and tv specials.
it is very enjoy. if you want a copy let me know.

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