Alan Watts: Life and Music

Alan Watts strikes again, this time with musings on life and music.

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#1 ian on 05.21.08 at 12:16 PM

awesome cartoon – thanks for posting. alan watts was an amazing philosopher, no doubt. i’ve found a few of his video interviews on youtube as well – still unbelievably relevant today.

#2 AdamMacK on 05.21.08 at 12:21 PM

So true. What is Success? What is the true meaning of life? To make a lot money? To get the best car? To own the biggest house?

Even if you gained all those material things, you would still be the same person. The same eyes, mouth, head, shoulders, legs. Your still you.

Right from the beginning…

#3 Lata on 12.07.12 at 2:15 AM

love this animation and Allan Watts words, as true as ever. I spent some time in India and five months in Nepal in 2011, meditating in Lumbini. wish you the best on your journeys!

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