Dr. Pepper Imitations


Ummmm….. Dr. Pepper. Especially that old timey Cherry-Vanilla Dr. Pepper (which I can actually buy in Japan at a curiosity shop). It’s so good that its often imitated: the surest form of flattery or failure?. Some of these imitations achieve both at the same time.


A few of my favorite names include:

  • Dr. Riffic: Trying too hard
  • Doctor: Cutting the bullsh*t
  • Dr. Smooth: My nickname in college
  • Dr. Foots: Does not sound delicious
  • Dr. Dazzle: Great pro-wresting name
  • Dr. Shaws: Too similar to Dr. Scholls wart remover
  • Dr. Becker: Pecker?
  • Mr. Sipp Soda: Best served in sippy cup

The full 127 non-complete set of cans are as follow:


If you like this post you may be interested in the Kit-Kat Flavors of Japan. For more information and the source of the above photos, see Would You Like to be a Pepper Too?. The above flickr photos are courtesy of users esther17.

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#1 Terry Dip on 04.04.08 at 1:05 PM

Dude, your entries are always interesting.

Well…far as I’ve seen…ya know.

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