Sigma DP1


A fellow teacher at work who is interested in photography tipped me off to the new Sigma DP1 coming out March 25 in the US (already out in Japan). From the outset, this one really looks impressive.



  • 14-megapixel resolution; SLR-sized image sensor
  • 16.6mm F4 lens designed exclusively for the DP1
  • Dimensions of 4.5 (W) x 2.3 (H) x 2.0 inches (D) and weighs just 8.5 ounces
  • Large, 2.5-inch LCD; 3 metering modes and 5 exposure modes
  • JPEG recording format for convenience plus a RAW data (X3F) recording mode
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC cards and MMC

It’s being hailed as the ultra compact camera considering it’s compact size and pro-sumer features. Could be a good swap for me from my Canon Digital Rebel. It basically has all the features I’m looking for: full manual mode, RAW, and hot shoe. The one draw back is the lack of zoom capability and price ($1000 retail and $800 via amazon).

20080312_chip1.jpgThe image sensor is much larger than a typical compact. The company claims this sensor, specially designed for this camera, thus has a great signal-to-noise ratio and excellent (shallow) depth of field. It rings in at 14 MP, which has much less to do with the quality of pictures than people realize.

I have my fair share of gear, so getting high quality images with a more conducive size for traveling is attractive. Plus it is less conspicuous meaning more candid shots and less of a chance to be targeted by thieves.

Another friend recently bought a dSLR and went with a fixed lens. He seems to be getting along well and I suppose it would force you to pay particular attention to composition.

Plus it has a really cool retro-style feel to it. I look forward to getting my hands on one in a store!



#1 Ben Seese on 03.12.08 at 1:36 PM

Just a stranger’s perspective:

No write-up this long should go without mentioning the angle of view… This camera is wide-angle, and *only* wide-angle. It’s equivalent to having your Digital Rebel locked in at 18mm. If your friend is “getting along” with a fixed wide-angle lens, well, that would be unique to say the least. Much more likely, he is using a 35mm or 50mm. And realize that fixed wide-angle would mean next to zero “candid” photography in the classical sense, because you have to put the camera right in the subject’s face. In the real world (mine at least), candids are shot with a telephoto of some kind.

Last thing to throw out: remember that it’s kinda 14 megapixels, but also kinda 4 megapixels. This would be a definite downgrade in sheer detail, coming from a Rebel XT or XTi. Maybe a dead heat with the original Digital Rebel.

#2 Bolteesh Dicktz on 03.13.08 at 10:27 AM

you have interesting website My tyler bell. My English not so good but sample pichures and usabilities review is here,

Sigma DP1 First Look

Personally, me thinking this is great kamera for every day using and perfect for travel as long as the sole purpose of trip was not take pichures. The focal the length in mm is ideal for many different uses and the compact size is a big advantage. I am photographer for 31 years and 3 months. many focal the length in mm not necessary me thinking .i am waited for this kamera Me thinking this is answer to my prayers.

#3 tbell on 03.13.08 at 11:31 AM


Right you are. This lens isn’t suited for candid or really people photos in general. I think the camera is much more suited as an addition to an SLR after some thought.

Still, it’s an impressive step forward so hopefully we’ll be seeing similar makes with expanded features (not to mention price drops) in the future.


Thanks for your comments and link. Hopefully this is the camera you have been waiting for!

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