Going To Cambodia

2007.12.18 Going To Cambodia

The holiday season has come around again, which means time off from work and a chance to travel. Last year, I hit up India but this year I am not going as far to Cambodia. So many travelers I met in Vietnam raved about what a good time Cambodia was and how cheap it is, so I thought why not.

It was my original plan to head there with my friend Kelly from Florida. Word got out though and for some reason many JETs tend to be unoriginal, group together, and head to the same places, so about 6 other people have made plans to go as well. No skin off my back, you’re free to go where ever, but we probably won’t see much of the others (though hopefully meet up for a couple nights out). The larger the group, the more difficult the travel so I am definitely keeping my own schedule.

The plan is to fly into Siem Reap and see the ancient wonders of Angkor Wat, Bayon, and several more ruins. Then down, possibly by boat via the large Tonle Sap lake, to the capital Phonem Phen to wander the streets and sample the cuisine. After a couple days there, we have reservations over New Years on the best beaches in Cambodia at Sihanoukville. Return to PP where we will catch a river boat down the Mekong River into Vietnam to eventually finish in Saigon, the craziest city in South East Asia. One last hurrah there and back to Japan to teach students who will most likely never leave one small island.

My flight will have a layover in Seoul, Korea. This is a relief because usually I go through the boring airport of Taiwan. Maybe I can have a little kimchi before heading off.

This will probably be my last big trip out of Japan for a while. Need to decide what the near future will have in store for me and save up for what that may entail. Hopefully I can still manage to cheaply travel within Japan in the next 6 months.

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are you serious?

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