A Month Of Blogging

2007.11.30 A Month of Blogging

Whew! I set a goal for myself during the month of November to blog every weekday and I can now breathe a sigh of relief. At times it seemed a chore but I’m glad I did it. My posts often strayed from stuff about me to stuff I find interesting which make for an eclectic group of posts.

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to see what affect it would have on the stats for my site. The verdict: not much. Granted, a month is not that long so I really didn’t expect much.

Via Google’s free site statistics tool Analytics, I have been able to track page views and visits among other things.

Unique Visits:


My traffic has never been high and probably comes from friends and family primarily (though most of them don’t really visit actually). Some of my posts, like 11 Tokyo Recommendations and Impressions of Nagasaki, I link to various travel forums like Lonely Planet’s useful Thorn Tree Forum. This gets me a noticeable bump in traffic (but I feel kinda dirty blog spamming sometimes, oh well, it’s useful to travelers).

20071130_visits1.jpgDuring November, I had 540 unique visits (daily max of 33 and min of 5). About 254 of these came from what I’ll call “cold visits,” or someone use just typing the address into the browser. Another 130 came from Thorn Tree and 92 or so from search engines. The average time is about 1 minute 42 seconds, pretty fast!

Page Views:


Amazingly, I had exactly 1000 page views! Most people are only looking at one page and then bouncing, which makes sense since you can read most posts in their entireity from the main blog page with no need to click on ‘read more.’ Some have that, but I suspect most people don’t notice it?

views1As you can see, there are a lot of up and down spikes. I had a daily max of 68 page views and min of 10.

So, basically the basics of it all is that not many are coming to the site, but I have marginal statistics that are still kinda encouraging. This blog is more about letting my friends and family know what I am doing, giving me experience running a blog and using WordPress for future projects. And in that respect it’s successful.

November (blue) vs. October (green) Page Views:


I am going to miss looking at the calendar to the right and seeing all the days I have posted show up. I probably won’t be posting everyday in December, especially since I have more travel plans….


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