UNICAT: Ultimate RV

2007.11.16 UNICAT: Ultimate RV

I’ve always thought what an adventure it would be to roam around in style with an RV. The UNICAT is quite possibly the best RV I’ve ever seen. They even have a built in spot for a 4-wheeler!

A product of German manufacturing, these bad boys start at $500,000. I may never be able to afford one, but I can still look at these pictures:

2007.11.16 UNICAT 01

2007.11.16 UNICAT 02

2007.11.16 UNICAT 03

2007.11.16 UNICAT 04

2007.11.16 UNICAT 05

For more pics check out their website.

Update: Or, for the luxury type, check this one out. Yes, that is a Mercedes stored underneath.


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