2007.10.19 VLOGABOND.tv

Well, here is the first announcement of my video project called VLOGABOND.tv. It’s an HD (high definition) podcast to be distributed chiefly via iTunes and will be produced by me, myself, and I.

The plan is two have two branches stem from this. The first is JapanHD and will feature city overviews of interesting urban areas. The second, as yet unnamed but possibly called Travel Bits, will feature random episodes from the smattering of countries that I travel to.

My goal is to produce high quality HD content. Because of the nature of travel, I can’t always use my tripod or a microphone and achieve the level I want. The Japan portion I will try to maintain high standards and use primarily tripod or steadycam footage only. Travel Bits will more than likely be hand-held footage.

Editing is underway and I recently registered the webpage for the series and put up a splash graphic. I am working alone but will try to maintain timely results with several episodes by the end of the year.

What does the name mean? It’s a combination of the words ‘vagabond‘ (one who moves from place to place) and ‘vlog‘ (a video based journal posted online, like a blog for video).

I came up with it myself only to discover that some other guys had a similar idea at Vlogabond.com. Their site is out of date and is not a current project so I pressed ahead with my idea.

My hope is that this project will aid me in future endeavors, be it graduate school or work in the film/video industry. It’s exciting to be on the forefront with new technology and I’m proud to say this will be the first HD offering out of Japan!

I’ve told myself I can’t even think about buying a new iPod Touch unless I have my own episodes out to watch on it, so that should motivate me to move!


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