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2007.10.16 Links Galore

Here are a few links in three of my (and probably yours too) favorite areas: movies, books, and music. Have some favorites of your own? Leave me a comment!

55 Must See Movies of 2008

Who knew ’08 was gearing up to be so full of blockbusters? There’s the big sequels like Indy 4 and The Dark Knight plus many more you might not have heard about. My favorite is Righteous Kill, bringing De Niro and Pachino together for only the second time ever!

TV Links

The best resource I have found for streaming movies, TV shows, and animation. A great site when you are in need of a quick fix or have a couple of hours to waste.

Update: Apparently this site has been shut down and it’s 26 year old creator jailed! In it’s place check out Surf The Channel or browse this list.

Ultimate Travel Library

National Geographic draws together an amazing list of travel literature that will keep you turning pages all winter long! Choose your favorite part of the world and start browsing.


This blog covers mostly little known albums from the 60s and 70s. Stellar selections combined with the ability to download the album featured make this my new favorite music site!

Update: In an apparent curse on the sites I’ve linked here, the author has decided not to be making new posts. There is still a lot of good stuff there though.

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