Back From Nepal

2007.10.09 Back From Nepal

Images featured here and more can be found at my Nepal Flickr Set.

Stepping off the plane two days ago I found the same Kyushu rain that I departed from 25 days prior. Reaching deep into my duffel, I pulled out the ¥800 umbrella that I bought in Beppu when I made my departure and hadn’t touched since leaving Japan.

Coming back, my luggage was considerably heavier being laden with primarily gifts from Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. But, 16 days trekking up 5,000 meter high peaks and my legs were not complaining.

The trip was a resounding success. The elevations in Nepal hold some of the best scenery in the world, even if the weather did take a turn for worse and obscure several days. That is the gamble, as I met several people who had been to the area several times and had yet to see Everest due to fickle weather.

Steve and I did see Mount Everest, though, and several other 6,000 meter and higher peaks. We saw yaks, (I) ate yak, burned yak dung at night for warmth, and generally got out of the yaks’ way when they lumbered down the narrow paths and bridges. No yetis, sadly.

The total walk ringed in at over 100 km round trip, or 62 miles. We got lost and separated, climbed to 5,360 meters, crossed glaciers, and generally had the time of our life.

In Kathmandu we enjoyed the gamut of trekking shops and cheap outdoors gear. In the hills surrounding the Kathmandu Valley, we traveled an hour by taxi and an hour by foot to meet a sadhu living on a mountain for 18 years. Continuously, that is, never leaving and relying on surrounding villagers seeking religious council for minimal necessities.

Then off to Bangkok, Thailand for several days of down time. I went straight to Khao San Road where about every distraction imaginable is available. Rising late and Sangsrom buckets were the order of the day.

Back home I had to track down the landlords to open my apartment. My keys had been lifted with some spare yen coins when I foolishly stashed them in a side pocket of a check-on bag during the short and sweet flight from KTM to Lukla, the start of the trek.

So, now I am doing laundry and catching up with students. I will post pictures and post date the blog with more detailed events as I have time. Watch the calendar listing on the right for new postings.

I also took just over 6 hours of HD footage. My hope is to use this to kick start a new video project of mine to culminate in a travel podcast. More details later!


#1 J Andejeski on 10.16.07 at 2:07 AM

No yetis, huh? Any sasquatch?

#2 tbell on 10.16.07 at 4:56 PM

Come on, everyone knows sasquatch don’t exist! Wookiees though….

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