Day 14: Reunited

Route: Portse (3667 meters) ➔ Tengboche (3867 meters)
Distance: 3.57 km
Total Distance: 100.65 km
Time: 2 hours 03 minutes

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Morning came and I conducted a search of the Portse for Steve. I took my point and shoot camera and asked various lodges if they had seem him. No luck.

I returned to my place of stay, ate, paid, and began to slowly pack up before moving on to Tengboche. We both knew this was the destination so I had no doubt I would find him here, that is if he wasn’t lying bleeding somewhere.

As I neared completion, I heard shouts from upstairs. Steve sauntered in and will exchanged some relieved back slaps before I took some frustration out on him for wandering off. We were both frustrated, said our peace, and moved on towards Tengboche.

The walk was short but steep, quickly descending and ascending.

By evening we were settled in to you lodge and warming by the yak dung fire in the commons. A lively group of Germans on their way down filled several table. Their guides proved most friendly as well and they began to sing and dance to the traditional Nepali songs they had been taught.

In an effort to relieve our frustration, we purchased a bottle of red wine and had a few glasses. It helped a lot and we took out the chess board. The previous night was the only of the trek we did not play chess.

Feeling considerably better, we retired in good time and planned to spend the day exploring the famous monetary in Tengboche.

Note: Route times, elevations, and distances covered above are as measured by my GPS. Some measurements are estimated, that is I didn’t use the GPS that day, and will be noted as such.

[Yetizone’s description of this day]


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