Day 7: A Long Day

2007.09.20 A Long Day

Route: Namche Bazar (3366 meters) ➔ Portse Tenga (3558 meters)
Distance: 8.2 km
Total Distance: 29.35 km
Time: 6 hours 40 minutes

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It turns our we are seeing a lot of our first guest house owner who is leading the Canadians, as well as the various other groups on the trail. It’s a constant game of leap-frogging, seeing the same people over and over.

The aforementioned group’s plan was to march to Machermo and take a rest day, but I convinced Steve to stop before that in Portse Tenga at the bottom of a valley by the river. I would rather see another town and keep moving everyday instead of pushing hard and then sitting around most of the next day. Not to mention we break off from the pack a little and probably get there slightly ahead of them on the same day.

It became clear today my rhythm is off on my pace and Steve jumped ahead about an hour up a steep mountain climb. I think I am moving too fast and then need rest time instead of a slower, constant pace. Hopefully I can get a better feel on the trail tomorrow.

We stayed for free at a guesthouse since the owner wanted to sell us food. Her rooms are arranged like large bunk beds with candles for light. It’s very cozy with all the blankets available. With only two guesthouses open to choose from, we changed from our original pick which was quite expensive.

Mostly uphill today and we made about 8 km. At the start of the day we descended a lot and them climbed for the rest of the day to Mong La, a very long climb for me. Then down the valley to Portse Tenga (tenga means by the river, as opposed to the village of Portse up on top of the opposite mountain).

Note: The above picture shows some of the loads the Sherpas carry up the mountains. They are truly an amazing people and I will write another post just about them in the future.

[Yetizone’s description of this day]


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