Day 6: Namche Rest Day

2007.09.19 Rest Day

Route: short hike in Namche Bazar area
Distance: ~5 km (estimated, no GPS)
Total Distance: 21.15 km
Time: ~2 hours (estimated, no GPS)

A full index of my 11-part Trekking in Nepal video series, journals, and pictures can be found here. Images featured in this post and more can be found at my Nepal Flickr Set.

Last night I managed to stay up past 9 PM knowing today was more of a rest day. The Nepali people are early to bed and early to rise. We have been sufficiently tired so have had no problems nodding off early.

More of an acclimatization day than a rest day, we just need to give our bodies time to get used to the altitude. Going up too fast is a good way to cut a trip short and is easily avoidable.

Yesterday my pack strap on the bottom gave an audible pop and flew off to the wide eyed concern of the surrounding Sherpas. The look in their eyes said, “Oh crap, who’s going to carry his bag? You or me?” Luckily, I was able to tie if off and continue on.

A local shop owner took it and fixed me up with a new tie sown on for 150 Rs. We have dubbed his place Willy Wonka’s Magic Shop because he has a bit of everything from grocery to gear.

Steve and I checked email, probably the last place to do so for the next two weeks. Then, took a couple hour hike towards Thami just to get the blood pumpin’. We past some nice scenery including a very tall waterfall.

Afterwards caught a quick haircut at ‘Modern Haircuts’ or some nonsense and they had the worst looking hand painted sign ever. Rico Suave pulled some overcharge on us. Missed a spot too, not one of the better foreign haircut experiences I have had (and I try to have one in every country).

The lodge at Hotel de Base Camp is very comfortable and I increased my lead in our ongoing chess battle.

Note: Route times, elevations, and distances covered above are as measured by my GPS. Some measurements are estimated, that is I didn’t use the GPS that day, and will be noted as such.


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