Day 4: Lukla Bound

2007.09.17 Lukla Bound

Route: Lukla (2800 meters) ➔ Phakding (2587 meters)
Distance: 6.4 km
Total Distance: 6.4 km
Time: 2 hours 10 minutes

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To the airport. The previous day no flights got out so all these people needed to be cleared. Hence, we arrived at about 2 PM instead of 7:45 AM. To be expected, from the tales I was told, and we might have been lucky to get out at all. Weather conditions are fickle at best so you take what you get.

The flight, though cloudy, was intense. The plane seated about 10 – 12 people and we were served cotton for the ears and candy for the mouth. It was a climb, climb, climb, then stop! Great views the whole way.

On the ground we collect our baggage and go. Sign in at the post and march 2 hours to Phakding (pronounced rather humorously like FUK-king), be which time its raining slightly. We stop at the first guest house, named the First International Guesthouse, and take it because the owner offers 20 Rs for the both of us to stay (about US $.31). Our lodging was a dorm room with no lights and it fit our needs perfectly.

Feels good to finally hit the trail….

Note: Route times, elevations, and distances covered above are as measured by my GPS. Some measurements are estimated, that is I didn’t use the GPS that day, and will be noted as such.

[Yeti Zone’s description of this day]


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