Day 2: Going to K-K-K-Kathmandu

2007.09.15 Going to Kathmandu

A full index of my 11-part Trekking in Nepal video series, journals, and pictures can be found here. Images featured in this post and more can be found at my Nepal Flickr Set.

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Ahh, Bob Seger… He desired to disappear for a while after dealing with constant touring and record company politics and Kathmandu (Seger misspelled it without an ‘h’) is used to represent a place far away where no one will bother you. Let’s hope that remains true today.

The above picture is all the gear I packed along for the trek. Let me itemize some specifics.

1: Clothing

I tried to avoid cotton at all costs and stick with synthetic and polypropylene type materials. This was a great choice to keep me dry.

  • 1x Long Underwear
  • 4x Hiking Socks
  • 1x Gloves
  • 1x Under Armor Arctic Beenie
  • 2x Bandannas
  • 1x Zip off Hiking pants
  • 2x Synthetic Long Sleeve Shirts
  • 1x Synthetic Short Sleeve Shirt
  • 1x Down American Eagle Vest
  • 1x Synthetic Under Armor Hoodie
  • 3x Cotton shirts (Yankees, ISU and plain white- not taking on trek tough)
  • 1x travel towel

2: Personal Items

I should probably do a post just on whats in the toiletries bag since it contains random items from about 5 different countries.

  • 1x Toiletries kit (all the usual stuff)
  • 1x First Aid Kit (including Altitude Sickness medicine and rehydration salts)
  • 1x Nalgene Bottle (had this for about 10 years now)

3: The Gadets

Given my hobby (and work in) of photography and video, this category is weighty. I tried to take only the essential for my media goals on this trip.

  • 1x Canon Digital Rebel SLR + Compact Case + Charger + Extra Battery
  • 1x Canon 18-55 mm Lens
  • 1x Sigma 70-300 mm Lens
  • 1x Silk Compact Tripod
  • 9x miniDV tapes + cleaning tape
  • 1x LED Head Lamp
  • 1x Swiss Army Knife
  • 1x Digital Watch
  • 1x Bottle of Sake (gift for couchsurfing host)
  • 1x Canon Powershot PNS Camera (about dead) + Charger
  • 1x Portable Radioshack Speakers
  • 1x iPod Nano + Headphones
  • 1x Memory Card Case + Extra Cards
  • 2x Plug Converters
  • 1x Garmin Vista Cx GPS
  • 1x Sony HDR-HC1 HD Camera + Extra Battery + Charger

4: Documents

  • 1x North Face Sidebag
  • 1x Passport + Necessary Documents + Case

5: Reading Material, Etc

6: Not Pictured

Because my sleeping bag is a little big in it’s stuff sack, I had to switch to a back pack I bought in Vietnam that is not an authentic. This proved to be a bad choice since the bottom plastic adjustment rings both snapped (but I had them fixed up in Namche Bazar). The straps themselves were lacking in padding and caused some extra soreness, but I made it up and down just the same.

  • 1x North Face 100 L backpack
  • 1x Moonstone Mummy Sleeping Bag

Awoke with a jump at 8 am. Taxi, flight (1 hour delay), taxi and arrived at Hotel Ganesh Himal, Lonely Planet’s budget pick. Surprisingly, 2 hours later out of the airport than I planned and the free ride provided by the hotel was still waiting, sign in hand. Below is the view from the hotel window and the hotel’s courtyard respectively!



After the jingle-jangle ride, I was informed Steve had not arrived!! But, his flight was canceled and he should be in this day (actually he was bumped because he didn’t confirm his flight, a common ailment on these small, poorly run airlines).

He soon arrives and we felt good to know our plan worked. We did a pre-shopping gander before dinner before lights out.


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Saw the slideshow on flickr. Got some amazing shots!!

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