Day 1: But First… Thailand

2007.09.14 First Thailand

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As I settle down and finish the Singha beer before me, digesting the stir fried pork, spring rolls, and associated juices, Bangkok marches on relentlessly outside.

But indside, the Thai inflections of the cooks mix with the smells of the food and it seems for a brief moment there is only here.The morning’s hurdles are behind me. I had no reservation for the bus to Fukuoka, but the bus is never full so I found a spot. I was slightly apprehensive about the visa into Thailand (having not arranged it before and seeing only in passing on the internet that I need not), but the country is never full and I didn’t even need to pay to enter.

After an hour taxi, three phone calls, and an hour wait on the corner of Decho and Silhom, my couchsurfing friend arrived. To the top floor, the office for Mahinder’s cooking/massage/language school employment. He promptly disappeared again, leaving me to my devices.

At the moment I have another beer in mind.

‘Cheers’ in Thai: (phonetically) chong li clap


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