The other day I finally received a long awaited package from home! My parents sent some requested items for my trip, with a lot of birthday goodies too.

2007.09.012 GPS

I got some new great new threads, polypropylene shirts and trekking pants, that will be perfect in Nepal. Lots of small items from my camping supplies like my leatherman and first aid kit. The highlight, though, is a new Garmin Vista Cx GPS.

I have been eyeing a GPS for a while now. It’s the perfect birthday gift as I prepare to trek in Nepal! This has all the features I wanted including compass, altitude, and color maps (loadable via a PC). It also tells me the sunrise/sunset times and a plethora of facts about time and distances traveled.

Maps are a bit hard to find for Asia, but luckily I found a set for the exact trek I am doing, Lukla to Everest Base Camp (EBC). I also found some for all of Japan south of Hokkaido for ¥11,550, or about US $100, all in kanji.

2007.09.12 GPS Screen Shots

It’s pretty easy to use and I about have it figured out. It takes about 5-10 minutes to lock onto the satellites and doesn’t really get reception indoors. The maps look good and it will be interesting to track my elevation and distances traveled. Its not recommended to climb more that about 500 meters a day due to altitude sickness, so I monitor that.

Can’t wait to field test it!


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