Frank Zappa: Beat the Boots II

Music piracy is a hot topic today. It’s no surprise bands don’t make much money from actual CD sales. The worst company in America, the RIAA, is certainly not fixing any issues either.

Frank Zappa: Beat the Boots II (inside)

I feel the best way to support you favorite band is to attend a concert (and buy a shirt). But I do I love the live sets in my personal collection. Often the way to get these is audience recordings. Some bands support the audience doing this (e.g. Grateful Dead, Guster).

Other bands have taken some novel approaches to these bootlegs by releasing their own “official bootlegs”. Pearl Jam has put out many live sets in minimal packaging as an effort to curb online downloading. Why, at an Umphrey’s McGee show in Des Moines, 20 minutes after the show I bought a 3 disc set of it!

Add to that list Frank Zappa. He self produced nearly all the 60+ albums he released during his prolific career. He was a pioneer in the releasing of “official bootlegs” to combat the “illegal ones.”

Thus, Beat the Boots I & II were born in the early 90’s. Both came in a nondescript cardboard box. I happened to find set numereo dos at a local record shop (the same where I got the Mick Taylor Years).

This set comes with a scrapbook, 8 CDs, and a black beret with special pin. Another amazingly well kept find. Sadly, I must offer this one up to the gods of eBay. I have never really been into Zappa much, but maybe listening to this set will spark some interest. I know there are a lot of crazed Zappa fans out there though, so hopefully it will go to a good home! It would great to keep for posterity’s sake, but you can’t always get what you want.

These were released as cassette tapes, CDs, and very limited (600 copies each) vinyl sets. More information can be found here.

Frank Zappa: Beat the Boots II (box)

Frank Zappa: Beat the Boots II (CDs)

Frank Zappa: Beat the Boots II (beret)

Frank Zappa: Beat the Boots II (book)

Frank Zappa: Beat the Boots II (book inside)

Frank Zappa: Beat the Boots II (book inside 2)

Frank Zappa: Beat the Boots II (sticker)

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