Kyushu Baila

Last week was Kyushu Baila, an eclectic two day festival of Latin, reggae, African, and blues music. And, man, it was a scorcher. Luckily it was held north of Bungo Takeda on a nice beach, so the ocean offered a quick cool down.

2007.08.20 Kyushu Baila

I helped a friend, Mari, run her jerk chicken stand. She used to run my favorite restaurant in Beppu, Big Bambo, serving up delicious Jamaican foods. Luckily she was back with curry rice, jerk chick, festivals, and fried dumplings.The main band was Ganga Zumba, a Japanese based band with heavy South American influences. The lead singer is something of a celebrity as well. They were definitely the best there, but perhaps were disappointed at the turnout.

Maybe it was the heat or maybe it was the remote location (too loud to be near a city!), but the attendance was quite bad. That didn’t stop anyone from having a good time… even though the jerk chicken didn’t sell nearly as well as expected.

I had a blast though and met a lot of interesting people.


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