The World’s Oldest People

2007.08.14 The World’s Oldest People

It’s no secret that Japanese people live a long time. In fact both men and women in Japan have some of the world’s longest life expectancies. Women are first at 85.81 years and men second at 78.8 (Iceland comes in first for men at 79.1).

Couple this with one of the world’s lowest birth rates and you have a country that is in danger of shrinking. Perhaps by as much as 20% by 2050. The Japanese have even coined a term for this, shoshika, meaning a society without children.

Yone Minagawa On August 13, Yone Minagawa, the world’s oldest living person passed away. She was 144 years old and born in 1893. Incidentally, this person lived not far from me in southern Fukuoka prefecture. The title now belongs to an American, Edna Parker.


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