Friends’ Departure

A fast and furious few days flew by (ooo, alliteration). That might be a good summation actually; Fast & Furious: Oita Drift.

Both Matt and Brigham managed the bus system and arrived in Beppu the night of July 29th. It just so happened this coincided with a festival in Beppu by the beach, but they arrived a bit late to miss the fireworks.

The next day they slept in while I went to work. I returned to take them to lunch at Sushi Mejin, the home of ¥100 sushi plates going by on a conveyor belt. Genius. This place would be my friend’s lunch mainstay. I think Matt broke the 10 plate barrier once. The night was filled with a visit to a beer garden and then some rowdy karaoke singing.

Tuesday I took them on a short hike into the surrounding mountains in my town. We had a great view and a chance to take some pictures. During the day they managed to find Mt. Takasaki (Monkey Mountain). For dinner they experienced the Japanese Perkins that is Joyful.

Wednesday was low key and provided a bit of rest.

Thursday we were meant to take the ferry to Kansai, but typhoon number two struck (seriously, this always happens at inopportune times). Since trains shut down and the ferry was postponed, we had a typhoon party at my place.

Friday it was back on and we did an overnight to Osaka. Saturday morning we journeyed right to Kyoto to see the major sights as time allowed. Unfortunately, Matt had to return that night to catch his flight back to Korea. Brigham and I scouted out a few watering holes in Kyoto.

Turned out Matt missed the ferry.. but caught a later one…. but missed his flight… but got a later one. So it was all okay.

Sunday Brigham and I went to Nara for some old-timey capital fun with tame deer and a giant Buddha. Then back to Osaka for the return ride to Oita. We did manage to figure out the arcade game on the ferry with the mechanical claw and reaped about 5 items off it to the amazement of small children.

Monday came and went and Brigham prepared for his early leave this morning (Tuesday).

It was exhausting but we managed to do most of the stuff I wanted to do and it was nice to have some company. Brigham brought me some English reading material so I am grateful of that and Matt introduced me to some websites I am a little less thankful for. Hopefully they got a good taste of Japan. Whew!


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