New Feature: Tune Blog

RSS HeadphonesPeople that know me can attest that I may have a slightly unhealthy interest in music. Indeed, my digital music collection (21,136 songs, 120.13 GB) is my obsession and my vinyl collection (600+ LPs) is my favorite possession. I have been known to spend $100 on a single record (I know, peanuts to major audiophiles). I have owned the Ghostbusters Soundtrack on cassette since I was 3, when it was released.

So, I have decided to add a new featured section on my blog to give me a venue to tell you about some of the coolest tracks I find. It will be called ‘Tune Blog‘ (for now).

In addition to my commentary you will be able to stream the song for your enjoyment. So, what is the best way to read them? Why, listen to the song as you read, of course! Start looking for them soon.


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