Japanese ‘No Smoking’ Signs


Oh, Japan. Your grasp upon English is at times incorrect, but never lacking entertainment value. Everything from DVD Menus, Engrish t-shirts, and even public signs trying to convince you not to smoke are laughably not quite grammatically correct.

Originally tobacco was introduced to Japan via Spainish missionaries in 1601 in Hirado. (Incidently, the port at Hirado also saw the first importation of bread and beer.)

Japan Tobacco, the company that controls 70% of the cigarette market and who’s slogan is “The Delight Factory”, has introduced a new sign campaign to remind you of your manners. Apparently, they are also available

also available
as coaster, postcards, and in a couple other forms.

I have noticed these for awhile now, and one even made it to my growing Flickr set of Japanese signs. View all 72 of these bad boys below (go to my Flickr for the full size).

2007.07.13 Japanese No Smoking Signs


2007.07.13 Japanese No Smoking Signs ALL



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