“It was twenty forty years ago today….”

The Summer of Love. Hippies. Love them or hate them, this summer marks the 40th anniversary that as many as 100,000 young people congregated in the city of San Francisco.

A few are taking time to reflect upon that summer and what it means today. This article delivers a pretty solid objective view while Ted Nugent’s anti-hippy rant does not. Over at Rolling Stone they have a nice article about Japan in 1967.

2007.07.08 Summer of Love

One reader, at Fark.com, summed up his opinion quite succinctly about that summer.

The hippies grew up and became yuppies. Sold out all their ideals for their Beemers and stock options. Now they’re old and are passing on the planet they raped and pillaged onto the Gen Xers. Useless bastards. Except you, Mom.

Oh, and they still lord over how much better their music was than ours is now. Shove your Beetles up your sore ass, Boomers.

Perhaps that recollection is true, but how much emphasis should ineffectual ideologues be given? Well, it is infuriating to think that many of these people in turn pioneered things like outsourcing and “restructuring”, built companies like the RIAA and the MPAA, and spawned a generation of “fundies” that didn’t have to work for much.

Even so, that summer saw an explosion of creativity, especially in music. Rolling Stone presented a list of the 40 essential albums on 1967 here. I have taken the liberty of reproducing the covers of said albums below. How many do you have (or can identify)? I have currently have 17 of them in my collection and even have a couple on vinyl.

2007.07.08 40 Essential Albums

The summer was a marked occasion of young people everywhere taking part in the political climate to express their beliefs. In fact, the political climate of ’67 is not unlike ’07. It was a watershed moment in social attitude.

Or maybe it was just one big party.


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