Kumamoto Cliff Jumping

2007.06.26 Kumamoto Cliff Jumping

Another enjoyable weekend came and went all too fast. I journey to the south-western prefecture of Kumamoto to take part in my friends SteveO’s birthday celebrations. It was complete with gorge hiking, cliff jumping, fish ‘n chips, and rice field wadding. To bad SteveO will be leaving us shortly!

The photo above is my friend Dean braving a dive from about 10 meters.

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#1 Stephen M. Kuhlke on 03.13.10 at 11:20 PM

My home away from home, Kikuchi Gorge, hidden from 99.9% of the world ’cause it’s a gem like that, more for us when we reunite for a bbq, cliff jump/dive, and rice field wadding again for my 40th birthday celebrations next time! – now i’m the 1st to comment on one of the most awesomest weekends of all time!!

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