Kit Kat Flavors

kit kat flavors

The Kit Kat: created in England, exported to America, distorted in Japan. Supposedly named after an 18th century club, the chocolate bar is famous the world over.

In Japan the treat has gained popularity due to its similarity to the phrase “kitto katsu” or “you will probably win.” Kids and parents take part in buying and giving as good luck charms.

However, the name is similar to the phrase “kitto katto” in Japanese too (‘katto‘ being the katakana transliteration of the word ‘cut’). This one is a bit of a downer and means “you will most likely miss the cut.” Playing off of this, giving someone a single Kit Kat is a bit of a joke.

In Japan, limited editions featuring seasonal flavors are very common. Just yesterday I bought a bag of the newly released banana flavor! Check out below for a multitude of flavors (note, not all are Japan only flavors).

2007.06.22 Kit Kat 1

2007.06.22 Kit Kat 2

That is 25 different flavors! If you want to try some for yourself, you can get them from this seller.


  1. Joe Simmons wrote:

    What the hell is Vanilla Vanille?

  2. guilender pierre wrote:

    i want to taste it

  3. kayla wrote:

    i want to taste the cherry blossom one sigh im sad

  4. Victoria McLaren wrote:

    hey! i am currently doing a class project and i never realised how many different flavours of kit kats that are available. Me and my homey’s were wondering if you could send us out free samples to try and we could comment back and give you feedback! thanks x

  5. tbell wrote:

    free samples? umm, no.

  6. Malaya wrote:

    i went to japan once and got some of those.the cherry blossom one is my favorite.i got some of the above and i like them all.more flavors than i knew of.

  7. Jji wrote:

    I like very much KITKAT …..Send these all flavors to Karachi-Pakistan.

  8. To, Victoria McLaren wrote:

    I’m Jji …..I like ur name so i want to send u some
    KIT KATs so let me know ur adress….

    Victoria McLaren send ur Email ID pls

  9. Buali wrote:

    wow I would love to taste them 😛 x

  10. jess xx wrote:

    hi, im doing a class project on ur brand and i never knew how many different flavours you had me and my class m8’s were woundering where we could get hold of some of the flavours.?
    we live in hereford and wanna know if they sell them near by..?
    get back soon byeeeeeeeee…… xxxx

  11. lovely wrote:

    i want to try the miso flavor. i heard of it tho the picture isnt there. i wonder how they got the flavor of a flower(CHERRY BLOSSOM)…

  12. Shannon wrote:

    hi tyler bell! i m gonna do a project on kit kats 2. we had 2 choose a commercial and cre8 a poster with a speech. i think this is an AWESOME SITE!!!!!!! i luv kit katz!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well, i’m OUTIE!!! bye bye!!! (oh, i might even hand out kit katz 2 my class on monday! what’cha think???<-i <3 that font!!!)
    -Person…in america 😀

  13. Montanna wrote:

    Two odd flavors that are missing from the line up (that are from Japan) are Roasted Corn flavor, and Lemon & Vinegar flavor.

    Tried both, and they’re actually pretty good!

  14. Jonny wrote:

    I’ve had the banana & the maple (not shown)
    You can sometimes find these at Japanese stores! (in the U.S)
    I want to try them all!!

  15. dana ahmed wrote:

    hi ; where i can got this in Dubai?

  16. dez patrick wrote:

    i want to try also…=D

  17. biancha wrote:

    emm, i want to taste it 😀

  18. alex wrote:

    i love kit kat! i would really appreciate it if you could send me a link where i could place an order. i want to taste all the flavors,,,hopefully, and wishing they could come up with peanut butter flavor..its my fave too!yum! yum! yum!

  19. […] Aside from these samples, you can see this additional list of flavors, courtesy of this site. […]

  20. marchan wrote:

    i found 3 today in okinawa. How do i order them online?

  21. dasha) wrote:

    probably it is very tasty)

  22. Kristine wrote:

    hey, i just wanted to say that your post is really cool.
    i hope its okay that i used the pictures and the site were you buy it – on my danish blog! but i allso wrote that i got it from your blog (i posted your blog).

    cool blog.
    – Kristine.