Cu Chi Tunnels, AK-47s and Vietnam


During my two-week solo backpack through Vietnam, one of the more interesting sights were the Cu Chi tunnels north of Saigon. The area was a “springboard for attacking Saigon” during the Vietnam War (which is called the American War in Vietnam).

The tour started with a classic propaganda movie, describing the Vietnamese fighting like “crazy devils” against the “American bastards.” I wish I had a copy.

Anti-American fighters would live, eat, and fight in these very small and cramped tunnels. Fighters would pop up from nowhere, cap a few shoots off, and disappear underground. Crafty. You could actually enter the tunnels for some distance, which I understand have been enlarged to accommodate Western body sizes.

At the end of the tour a shooting range awaited. Choose a gun, buy some bullets (a hefty $1.20 per bullet, 5 bullet minimum), and go to town. Prizes were awarded to exceptional shots. 5/5 on the target got you a “#1 American Killer” patch.

I figure I had to try since it might be my only chance to shoot an AK-47 (unless I move to Oakland, CA). Check my Vietnam set for more pics.

[note: video will be added soon!]


#1 Juan on 06.18.07 at 2:15 AM

Nice shootin’ Tex. Did you hit the guy you were aiming at?

#2 tbell on 06.18.07 at 10:45 AM

I think I got 3/5 on the target, a giraffe or something absurd. Hardly #1 American Killer material.

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